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I have been making tiles for over 30 years. I sell them online, in galleries & directly from my studio.  After years of downsizing by attrition, I reached my goal in 2009, it’s just two elderly dacshunds, two young silly cats & Irene. The teenagers come & go.  To keep myself & the tiles happy, the plan is a smaller self-made & managed site with frequent  changes.  9 - 6x6 favorites,  6 - 6x6 personal tiles available with or without personalization, 9 - 4x4 favorites & 6 of my manufactured magnets. Most importantly, a page for new tiles. My tiles are how I spend my days. I  love what I do. I want to keep it that way. Many thanks to all of you who have made this journey possible by giving loving homes to many tiles.  If you have questions, are looking for older tiles you don’t see on this site, there have been a 100+ over the years, please:

EMAIL: irene@irenes-tiles.com,

CALL: (206) 463-2808 or FAX:(206) 463-4040.

The Process

I begin with a white earthenware tile.  Each is hand-glazed, top & sides, fired at least twice in an electric kiln. The final touches are a felt backing, hanger, and a descriptive point of origin label. The tiles are sturdy and lend themselves to a variety of uses. They can hang on the wall, grace your altar or hold a hot dish. For permanent installation, soak off the felt backing with warm water. The tiles are individually made, each is unique. Lively color combinations are my trademark. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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6” X 6”6x6_tiles.html

6 x 6 Virgin of Guadulupe

6 x 6 Friendships


6 x 6 Home Sweet Home